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Past Officers

The Society was organized June 8, 1931 and accepted as a Constituent Society by the American Psychoanalytic Association in 1932, with the following Charter Members:

    • Franz Alexander, MD
    • Leo H. Bartemeier, MD
    • Lionel Blitzsten, MD
    • Hans Deutsch, MD
    • Edwin R. Eisler, MD
    • Alan D. Finlayson, MD
    • Thomas M. French, MD
    • Ralph C. Hamill, MD
    • Helen Vincent McLean, MD
    • Karl A. Menninger, MD
    • George J. Mohr, MD
    • George Morgenthau, MD


N. Lionel Blitzsten, MD, 1931-34

Karl A. Menninger, MD, 1934-36

Thomas M. French, MD, 1936-38

Helen V. McLean, MD, 1938-40

George J. Mohr, MD, 1940-42

Edwin R. Eisler, MD, 1942-44

Margaret W. Gerard, 1944-46

George W. Wilson, MD, 1946-48

Harry B. Lee, MD, 1948-50

Roy R. Grinker, MD, 1950-52

Hugh T. Carmichael, MD, 1952-54

Lucia E. Tower, MD, 1954-56

Louis B. Shapiro, MD, 1956-57

Joan Fleming, MD, 1957-58

Therese Benedek, MD, 1958-59

Maxwell Gitelson, MD, 1959-60

Irene M. Josselyn, MD, 1960-61

Gerhart Piers, MD, 1961-62

Frances Hannett, MD, 1962-63

Heinz Kohut, MD, 1963-64

Joseph C. Kepecs, MD, 1964-65

Herman M. Serota, MD, 1965-66

Samuel D. Lipton, MD, 1966-67

Fred P. Robbins, MD, 1967-68

Charles Kligerman, MD, 1968-69

Jay E. McCormick, MD, 1969-70

Robert Gronner, MD, 1970-71

Robert Koff, MD, 1971-72

Henry Fineberg, MD, 1972-73

Jerome Kavka, MD, 1973-74

Morris Sklansky, MD, 1974-75

Jerome Beigler, MD, 1975-76

Sol Altschul, MD, 1976-77

Robert Kohrman, MD, 1977-78*

Nathan Schlessinger, MD, 1978-79

Leo Sadow, MD, 1979-80

Max Forman, MD, 1980-81

John E. Gedo, MD, 1981-82

David D. Brockman, MD, 1982-83

Harry Trosman, MD, 1983-84

George H. Pollock, MD, 1984-85

Paul H. Tolpin, MD, 1985-86

Henry R. Seidenberg, MD, 1986-87

George H. Klumpner, MD, 1987-88

George Moraitis, MD, 1988-89

Barbara S. Rocah, MD, 1989-90

Arnold Goldberg, MD, 1990-91

Samuel Weiss, MD, 1991-92

David Terman, MD, 1992-93

Robert J. Leider, MD, 1993-94

Meyer S. Gunther, MD, 1994-95

Harvey S. Strauss, MD, 1995-97

Henry M. Evans, MD, 1997-99

Phil Lebovitz, MD, 1999-2001

Jorge Schneider, MD, 2001-03

Jerome M. Grunes MD, 2003-05

Robert P. Gordon MD, 2005-07

Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, MD, 2007-09

Ronald F. Krasner, MD, 2009-11

Neal Spira, MD, 2011-13

James Fisch, MD, 2013-15

Jeffrey Stern, PhD, 2015-2017

James Anderson, PhD, 2017-2019

R. Dennis Shelby, PhD, 2019-21

Lucy Freund, PhD, 2021-

*Robert Kohman passed away in October 1977. His term was completed by Nathan Schlessinger.

Helen Beiser and Karl Menninger
(Menninger was first graduate of Institute's education program.)


June 8th, 1931

The Chicago Psychoanalytic Society was organized on this date.
Charter members were the following:

Franz Alexander

N. Lionel Blitzen

Leo H. Bartemeier

Hans Deutsch

Alan D. Finlayson

Thomas M. French

Ralph G. Hamill

Karl A. Menninger

Helen Vincent McLean

George Morgenthau

George Mohr

Edwin R. Eisler


A dinner meeting was held at the Restaurant Francais 1922 Calumet Ave.

By unanimous vote the following officers were elected for the current year.

President, Dr. Blitzsten

Secretary-treasurer, Dr. Eisler

Dr. Alexander was elected to Honorary Membership.

Meeting adjourned.

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