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About Psychoanalysis

What is Psychoanalysis? (A crash course inspired by a conversation at a party) – Grant Hilary Brenner, MD


CPS strongly believes that psychoanalytic ideas and treatment are applicable to understanding and assisting in broader societal issues, often by direct engagement with the community.

Dr. Paul Holinger's Parenting Place -
Advice, resources, and tips from Child and Adolescent Psychoanalyst Paul C. Holinger, MD

PsiAN – Psychotherapy Action Network -

PsiAN aims to organize, formulate initiatives and collectively advocate for mental health policy that is based on the complexity of the individual and not simply on the identification of discrete symptoms.

APSAA CORE Research Bibliography -
This is a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) bibliography of research reviews and studies that are applicable to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. It can be used as a resource for literature reviews and for the teaching of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic principles and techniques.

Low Fee Clinics -
A number of APsaA's approved training institutes, centers and/or affiliate societies offer low-cost clinics and referrals with reduced fee options for individuals with limited financial means.

IPA Off the Couch -
On “Off the Couch” we will meet psychoanalysts who work in dialysis units, prenatal clinics, corporate board rooms, community centers, humanitarian organizations, and with vineyard workers just to name a few

Psychoanalysis Now

As psychoanalysts and psychodynamic psychotherapists, we know you may feel overwhelmed and burdened from time to time. Today's psychoanalytic treatment looks very different from the old myths. This is why over 130 psychoanalytic clinicians, with over a century of experience utilizing psychoanalysis, have partnered together to form Psychoanalysis Now. It's time to alleviate your emotional suffering, for good.

Psychoanalysis:Unlocks the past, Informs the Present, Expands the Future


Video Resources

Black Psychoanalysts Speak
The analysts featured in this documentary contend that psychoanalysis has a long history as a progressive movement devoted to the common good. Psychoanalysis asks us to examine the processes of self deception that perpetuate both individual unhappiness and social structures that are inequitable and oppressive. Yet psychoanalytic education has for the most part focused on training and treating the relatively privileged. The Black psychoanalysts here examine this dilemma and engage in a vibrant and thought provoking discussion about race, culture, class and the unrealized promise of psychoanalysis.

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